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Just my latest work, ranging from crafts to fine arts. I work in a wide variety of mediums to help prevent burnout and because I can. Why restrict myself to just one when there are so many?

Black Lives Matter


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Thank you so much for adding my 'Cullen-spoon' to your collection!
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Thanks for all the faves, the watch, and the comment! I'm glad you are enjoying my Riding the Bull series! I edited the comment I left in response. Phone error. Anyway, thanks again!!
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Ah hah! Here is said 'box of shouting' Thank you for the watch :) I always appreciate it when people watch or fav' my stuff
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Hey Happy New Years, Valentines Day and Black History month.
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Hey! Thank you for the llama!! Have one back!
Thu Jan 22, 2015, 8:48 AM

Any chance y'all can help me out? I'm financially screwed atm and trying to save money for wrist surgery. 

3 deviants said If nothing else, would you mind spreading the word that I'm literally begging for help?
1 deviant said You can donate to my YouCaring page:…
1 deviant said Or donate to my PayPal. It's
No deviants said There's also the option of purchasing my stuff on Etsy:…
No deviants said I have a Red Bubble page for prints and items:…
No deviants said As well as a Fine Art America page with more prints and items:…
No deviants said I sell prints here on DevArt as well:…
No deviants said Commissions are chancey because of my wrist. I dunno when I can finish large things. Small items are definitely a yes.


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Renee Boyett
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United States
Currently I'm saving money for out-of-pocket costs for a very necessary wrist surgery. A ligament in my right wrist is ripped in two pieces, causing me massive pain and a lot of other problems. I need at least $1000 USD to pay for what my insurance won't cover. Purchasing from my Etsy shop or simply donating money will make it possible for me to get the surgery done sooner than later.

I have a You Caring page set up. I'm disabled and in need of a little help for a surgery I desperately need. Please consider making a donation. There's also the option of purchasing my work on Etsy, but if you'd rather make a donation you can do so anonymously on You Caring.

Prints can be found on my Fine Art America page.

My WordPress blog is here. It's more focused and cleaner than my tumblr or devArt blogs.

I have a few tumblr pages. Blushing in Thedas and Another Day for Chaosfay are my two most active.

My AO3 page:…

My 8tracks page:

My birthday badge

"Words come out, things get said, events happen." ~my husband describing me

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I'm begging for your help

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 14, 2016, 3:40 PM
My Etsy l Tumblr l Twitter l My AO3 l Prints l Wordpress l Support My Art 1 Amazon List

:star:UPDATE 1: I've set up a coupon code on my Etsy page.  Use AUTUMNRUSH2016 for 25% off a purchase of $30 USD or more.  It expires December 1st, 2016.

:star:UPDATE 2: Until after I've had surgery and recovered I won't be making anything new.  I don't know when surgery will happen because currently I have no money to spare.  We've only just gotten caught up on our bills.  I'll continue work on the Space Lanterns quilt because it's at the hand-quilting stage.  Just a little bit here, little bit there.  Overall it may be several months before anything new is posted.  If I receive the $2k I need I can get the surgery, recover, and then get back to work, pain-free.  Until then there won't be anything new. 

*****  *****  *****

I desperately need wrist surgery to repair a torn ligament.  It tore a little over five years ago but was improperly diagnosed as arthritis due to stiffness, pain, and a grinding sound when I rotate my wrist.  The grinding and pain are caused by one end of the ligament getting between the bones of my wrist.  The ligament is 100% torn, and the MRI scan I had done in July 2016 there appears to be scar tissue and a lot of damage.  If I don't get surgery done I'll develop osteoarthritis in my wrist, which in turn will result in a lot more problems.

My insurance, Medicare, will cover nearly the entire cost of the surgery.  The out-of-pocket expenses will range from $700 to $2000, but we don't know exactly due to possible complications that may arise while in surgery as well as during recovery.  I won't be setting up an appointment to speak to the doctor and surgeon because my insurance won't cover the entire cost.  That appointment will likely cost me $150 to $200, and then there's figuring out exactly what surgery I qualify for.  The surgeon may remove the ligament considering it's basically just getting in the way now, and the two ends float around in my wrist and forearm.  The other surgery options are grafting another ligament piece to connect the two ends, screw the bones of my wrist together to prevent me from accidentally tearing the graft, and then a second surgery six to eight weeks later to remove the screws and see if the grafting worked.  Due to the extensive scarring it's unlikely grafting will work.  Another option is try to connect the two ends together.  Again, due to scar tissue that likely won't work.  Plus there's the screwing of my wrist bones and a second surgery to remove the screws.  I'm hoping a single surgery of just removing the ligament will be best because paying for a second surgery isn't something I can do.  Plus recovery time will be must faster and safer.

Please consider helping me.  As soon as I get the funds together I'll be able to get all this done.  It's been five years of an incorrect diagnosis and extensive pain.  Even typing is painful.  If a donation doesn't sit well with you there's the option of purchasing my work.

I've reactivated and updated my You Caring page.  If you wish to donate and remain anonymous the option is there.  Any amount of money will be happily welcomed.  I have videos, photographs, as well as links to the two websites where I sell my work.  A link I don’t have listed is my Red Bubble page simply because it’s rarely updated due to the type of work I create.

Here’s a list of websites you can purchase my work if you’d rather go there directly instead of looking over the info on my You Caring page.

Nay-Nay Macrame is my Etsy page.  I sell quilted items, jewelry (I no longer make jewelry), jewelry supplies, as well as patterns and tutorials.  I don’t have all my supplies listed, but if you’re interested in seeing more let me know.  I’ll take photographs and make listings.  There is a wholesale option!  Read over my policies there if you want to purchase wholesale.  I also ship internationally on nearly everything there.

Fine Art America is where I sell my prints.  There are paintings as well as photographs.  You will also find the option to have my work printed on bags, book covers, shower curtains, and various other items.  The website also has international shipping options.  If you want a print matted and framed they’ll do all the work for you. 

Red Bubble is where I sell a few thingsI rarely update it due to the type of work I create.  Most of my stuff is hand-crafted, but I do have a couple things there.  The website doesn’t offer the options Fine Art America does, but it has a few things of its own.

Deviant Art also sells my prints.  Not nearly as good as Fine Art America, but there are pictures there you can get printed. 

Due to the pain I’m in I require frequent breaks.  This has resulted in me refusing to open commissions.  I don’t know when I’ll finish something because of the pain.  Cutting the pieces, even with my ergonomic cutter, still causes me to require an ice pack and a couple days of wearing a brace afterwards.  Sewing isn’t that painful or irritating, but the quilting causes my wrist to swell up.  Small items can be quilted using my machine, but larger things are extremely difficult due to how small my machine in.  Hand-quilting is one of my favorite things to do; it helps bring down my anxiety, relaxes me, and brings a feeling of accomplishment.  Right now it hurts.  A lot.  I’m working on a lap quilt right now (videos of the WIP are on my YouTube channel as well my You Caring page) and it’s looking amazing, but frequent breaks have slowed my progress.

A tumblr friend, Earthly and Ethereal, made a post here offering tarot readings for everyone who makes a donation to my YouCaring page.  She's also contributing a portion of her sales to me with a discount code that's active until the end of the year.  You read more about this on her post here

If you'd rather donate directly via PayPal mine is  Make sure you mark it as no address needed.  Any amount will be welcomed.

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  • Playing: DAI
  • Drinking: water


I won't be making anything new until after I get surgery on my wrist.  The pain has made quilting more chore than fun.  I can't write, paint, sew, quilt...nothing.  I don't have the money for surgery now, and likely won't for a few more months.  Space Lanterns will be touch-and-go, a little bit here and there, but overall not much will be done.  I can't even begin to express how shitty this has me feeling, but it's the wise choice. 
Husband and I will be looking at portable clothing racks this weekend.  It was suggested by a friend that we use one of these to hang up my quilts for photographs.  They'll need to tall and wide, and I'll need a bunch of clips.  The problem with the height is that I live in a small house with low ceilings.  We'll figure something out.  Decent photographs of my work are a necessity, and standing on a chair while taking pictures of them while they're laying on the floor isn't working out.  I have no couch thus on laying them there for photographs.  My bedroom has lighting almost as bad as our bathroom.  We have no wall space to hang/display a quilt either.  So clothing rack it's gonna have to be.
Somehow I acquired a Daily Deviation on one of my table runners.  It's a contest prize I shipped yesterday.  What has me confused is WHY THE FUCK IS IT A DD!?!  It's far from being one of my best works.  I honestly don't even consider it to be in my top 20.  I dunno if I'm shocked or upset or bewildered.  A combination of those and then some?  Anyway, thanks.  I guess.  I've put a link to my Etsy shop in its description.  Hopefully this results in more people buying my work.  I'm gonna eat breakfast now and keep myself occupied best I can without fucking up my wrist further.
To the winners of my recent contest: your prizes have been shipped.  They should arrive by September 30th.
I've decided to set aside the quilt I had planned out and instead opted for a simpler easy thing.  I'll work on it in a few days.  Right now my wrist hurts too much.  I slept without my brace on, which is what the doctor ordered, but fucking HURTS!


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