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May 9, 2011
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Macrame Wave Pattern Tutorial by ChaosFay Macrame Wave Pattern Tutorial by ChaosFay
This is collaboration between :iconbalthasarcraft: (she made the pendant), :iconvioletsuccubus: (she did the layout), and myself (I made the choker). Go give them a pat on the back for a job well done!

closeup of the pendant

This is the pattern for "Brenna's Copper Voice", a custom choker I made for a friend. It's 15 in/38 cm long, 1 inch/2.5 cm wide. I used .5 mm waxed cotton cord, size 6 seed beads, copper clapperless bells, and a pendant. Everything but the pendant can be found at FMG and the pendant was custom made by *balthasarcraft using copper wire, an aventurine nugget, and some tiny beads. I've kept some of the steps a little vague to allow you freedom to add and subtract as you see fit. You can add more bells, or use charms instead, or nothing at all. Don't want such a wide piece, or want a wider one? Change the number cords. Experiment to see what works!

1. Cut 4 cords of .5 mm cord (I'm using waxed cotton) to 3.5 meters each. Loop them through the hole of your stopper bead and pull the bead to the halfway point of the cords. Your cords are now folded in half, making for eight cords total. Take the cords on the outside, one on each side, and make three square knots, then take your T Pins and create an X with them by pushing them through the knots at an angle. You now have your piece anchored. Now create more square knots till you have a 2 inch long sinnet.

2. Bring your pins down and create an X with them at the bottom of the sinnet. Spread all eight of your cords on. Use the three on the far right to create a single square knot. The cord on far right after that set aside, take the other two plus a third cord that is to the left of them. Create another square knot, then set aside the cord on the right. Push a T Pin into the first knot, but do it at a far outside angle. You see the step you've just made? Repeat this again until you have a set of steps going down to the left. When you finish at the far left discard the far left cord. Loop a size 6 seed bead on the cord to the right of the finish knot and push it up. Follow this with a new square knot using the same pattern but going to the left instead. Anchor the knot on the far left with a T Pin at a sharp outward angle.

3. Repeat the step pattern going to the right. You see what cords I have placed the beads on? It's every other cord. Pull the cords VERY taught when you tie the knots as well. Be sure not to place too many beads on the cords. If you put too many then the piece will warp and you won't get the wave pattern from the beads. I have placed the beads as follows: 1, 5, 8. This may change throughout the piece though with 4 instead of 5, 7 instead of 8. Don't crowd them or they'll sit improperly.

4 & 5. You see how I have the lines of beads pulled very tight and anchored on the outside knot? May sure you do this. When you release the pins at the end of the piece the waves will then be created. In this step I'm showing you how to attach bells. Instead of discarding the far outside left cord I'm going to use it as a jumpring. Place another T Pin on the outside of the piece at about 1/4 of an inch away. Slide the bells on and then create a square knot. You see how loose the bells sit? This will allow them to jingle freely. Now instead of sliding just 1 seed bead on you will put on 2 instead. Each line of beads above the bells will have an extra seed bead if it fits properly in the line.

6. Now you can see the full line of bells as well as the pendant. Because the bail on the pendant was wide I simply slid it over the outside left square knot in line with the bells, and place only 1 seed bead above it. Look down the necklace now. You see at the far end there are waves? This is what happens when you release the T Pins, so make sure you keep those cords tight when you knot them. Now repeat each of the steps illustrated above until you reach the end.

7 & 8. Gather all the cords you used and create three square knots. Cut off the two shortest cords inside the core, then create enough square knots to cover the snipped ends. Cut off two more cords and cover the ends with more square knots. You should have half an inch of square knots not. Pull the knotting cords down and create a square knot. There is now a space with no knots. We'll return to this space later. Now create a 2 inch square knot sinnet.

9 & 10. Loop the cords over until they're in half, and push the bead from the beginning through it. This is your clasp. If the fit is good and won't come apart to easily it's the right size. If it's too big remove some of the square knots; if it's too small add square knots. Then fold it over and secure it down with the T Pins. Starting at the top of the empty space now make a square knot, then cut the two loose inner cords. Continue making square knots until you fill the empty space.

11 & 12. After the space is filled in cut the remain cords as close to the knot as possible. Make sure you tied these knots very tightly! Dab a little glue (I use Aleene's clear tacky glue) on the area where the empty space is and spread the glue around to cover it all. Let it dry. Voila, you're done!
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Macrame Wave Pattern Tutorial by *ChaosFay An amazing collaboration resulting in a tutorial that is most impressive. This piece represents not only great art and a helpful resource, but also the way that the DA online community can bring artists together to accomplish a purpose. ( Featured by shelldevil )
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